Automated and optimized
field service scheduling



IndeeWork improves the planning of field service operations. The data-driven solution uses artificial intelligence in order to optimize and automate the scheduling process. As a result, service workers arrive in time, energy parks are maintained more efficiently and the upkeep of city infrastructure is executed in a way that public life is interrupted as little as possible..



In today’s field service organizations, know-how is highly distributed between departments and roles. This leads to inaccessible or even hidden knowledge which could be leveraged for an optimized planning. We close that gap by providing a central access point for your data insights.


Field service scheduling currently depends on the long-term experience and know-how of internal experts. Losing that knowledge due to retirement or other factors is critical for your organization. We help you to retain this knowledge by revealing the decision-making process of your experts and providing insights from your historical data.


Planners need to act under highly dynamic conditions. The daily performance depends on available information about services, locations, teams, skills and many other parameters. Our solution provides aggregated information and hints for manual planning. To consistently achieve high quality planning, it also automates optimized scheduling using a holistic view on data and relations which also follows your business goals.


Field service scheduling depends on highly sensitive and personal data. Our solution is built exactly for those requirements. We implement high security measures and host our infrastructure on a trusted and certified German cloud provider in order to keep your critical data safe.


Our web-based Software-as-a-Service solution is integratable with your existing field service systems and can be rolled out without any risk, in parallel to your daily operations. Our product provides...


Disponents receive up-to-date time, location and business goal dependent information to enhance their manual planning.


Team leads use analytics and hidden knowledge from your planning history for continuous improvement of your field service operations.


Disponents utilize automated planning backed by insights, location awareness and modern algorithms for optimal schedules meeting your business goals.


Our fully integrated solution enables scheduling automation to achieve continuously optimized planning for your field service operations.




As a field service provider, you have to cope with the shift from traditional to modern field service. In order to stay competitive, the digitalization, automation and optimization of your mission critical field service processes is highly essential and must be addressed today. This involves i.e. the order creation, planning, execution, documentation, controlling and monitoring.
Besides traditionally existing solutions for general field service management, different modern solutions in the context of IoT, Predictive Maintenance and autonomous devices are entering the market. A fully automated field service pipeline is no longer a dream of the future, it is happening right now.
In this respect, our Smart Field Service Scheduling solution covers the scheduling part of your process, supporting a step by step transition - not only technical wise, but also allowing a realistic shift of your organizations mind set. It extends your existing system landscape and is fully integratable with solutions of other process steps.


Half of the world’s population lived in cities in 2013. It is expected to almost double from 3.6 Billion to 6.3 Billion by 2050. Furthermore, over 50% of urbanization involves cities of less than 500k people (IEEE Smart Cities, 11.06.2018).
Due to the complex and highly dynamic nature of processes within a city, this raises many challenges to be addressed in order to provide a sustainable and healthy environment.
In this respect, infrastructure service providers, including those in the mobility, energy, water, cleaning and telecommunication sectors, have a major responsibility and directly influence the living conditions of a city’s population day by day.
This responsibility must not be dependant on single, error prone and intransparent human decisions. Field service tasks must be planned and executed by following predefined guidelines, having a holistic view on the time and geographic factors of single tasks, considering dependencies between tasks of one provider and even by utilizing synergy effects between the different service providers of a city.
Our Smart Field Service Scheduling solution is an enabler for automated and optimized resource scheduling within a Smart City, leading to an ultimate efficiency of service providers’ limited resources, allowing a higher availability of critical infrastructure and sustainably improving the goals of a Smart City (IEEE Smart Cities, 11.06.2018).


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Innovative team with high quality delivery. Indeework helped us to deliver a state of the art tool in a short time frame to show the capabilities of our AI decision engine. A very strong multidisciplinary team working in agile mode with focus on delivery using the latest state of the art technologies.