IndeeWork supports you with professional software engineering and operations expertise. With a wide spectrum of cutting-edge technology and methodology know-how, we find an optimal solution to your problem. For that, we provide consultancy and development support from the first steps to the release of your solution.


Our team gained long-term experience in different industry sectors during projects of internationally leading companies. Based on that, we are able to efficiently draw the scope of your problem and provide a prototype within no time.

Software Engineering

We provide expertise for all steps of your software development process, including requirement analysis, conceptualization, architecture, design, implementation, test and deployment. Our offering includes support for frontend as well as backend engineering.

IT-Architecture and Operations

You need a production ready, secure, highly available and scalable infrastructure, including monitoring and backup? We are specialized on cloud-based environments, including Open Telekom Cloud, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker etc.


Our team has gained experience in both worlds - software engineering and operations. We have gone through the pain and conflicts of separated teams and old-school methodologies. For that reason, our goal is to provide solutions, from development to the rollout of your application, which guarantee the happiness of your engineers.


Besides the mentioned topics, we offer specialized consultancy and engineering support for for following topics:
  • Frontend technologies
  • (Open source) Infrastructure and middleware software
  • Cloud
  • Microservices
  • Open Data
  • Geo Data
  • Big Data